Sunday, January 8

Welcome to my Revamped, Refocused & Rejigged Smartphone-DSLR Photography Blog and Websites!

Me, along the Syrian border in Israel's Golan Heights, with Mt. Hermon in the background (Photo: Russel Harris)
Welcome, new visitors and old friends!

After more than a decade, I'm morphing my dusty, musty news and politics blog into a showcase and calling card for my SmartPhone and DLSR photography, both here in Israel, and elsewhere worldwide.

The changes here come in parallel with a two new websites (now under construction):

Thr first, a professional photographic sales and marketing site hosted at will be hosting my photographic portfolio, and feature a built-in, easy-to-buy and print/frame or download my Israeli landscape, nature, event, and street photography,

The second,, will focus exclusively on Smartphone Photography and host my latest exclusive photos, shooting tips, full-on lessons, photo essays, live shots, and much interaction with you, the viewer.

Lots more to say and display, but, for the moment, pardon our dust and stay tuned as we clean out the cobwebs, tune up the pages, and show you my best!


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