Sunday, July 12

Int'l Multimedia Students 'Get To News' in Unique Israeli University-Based Program (Photos, Audio)

Had an excellent 2nd-annual all-day broadcast/online radio reporting and production seminar/workshop at Bar-Ilan University, mentoring and chatting with media students from around the world, on the "Get to News" Training Program.Hosted by the סוכנות הידיעות תצפית Tazpit News Agency, a dozen fascinating, talented and dedicated pupils are here for several weeks gaining hardcore multimedia experience in radio, tv, print, photography, and social media.

Check out some of the audio:

"The Program offers a fascinating, educational and unique experience, as it supplies its participants with valuable tools, knowledge, and 'on the job' experience in one of the biggest media hubs in the world. While guided by the best in their field, and producing exclusive materials, participants will get a chance to supercharge their careers:

Besides time on-mike, they'll meet and mentor with experts, learning and reporting about the real Israel, beyond the foreign coverage headlines (all photos: courtesy the amazing Andrew McIntire).

                                                   On-mike with Katerina. (Photo: courtesy Andrew McIntire)

On-mike with Rahul. (Photo: courtesy Andrew McIntire)

Working the board with the radio facility manager, Asaph Nissan.
(Photo: courtesy Andrew McIntire)

Checking out my battered Zoom H4n field recorder with Petra and Steffi.
(Photo: courtesy Andrew McIntire)

Hoping I remembered to save that audio cut...
(Photo: courtesy Andrew McIntire)


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