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One Year Later: IDF Operation 'Pillar of Defense' to Halt Rockets From Gaza:

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One Year Later: IDF Operation 'Pillar of Defense'":

KIRYAT MALACHI, Israel , Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- In a violent instant on Thursday morning, a single Grad rocket from Gaza took three lives, wounded seven and plunged residents of one Israeli town into the explosive horror.
Photo: Israeli schoolchildren and a dog at Kibbutz Nir Oz inspect a kindergarten wall 
pockmarked by a Kassam rocket that slammed down nearby. 
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The long-range rocket, fired from Gaza, scored a direct hit on two apartments in the 4th-floor walk-up in Kiryat Malachi Thursday and killed 24-year-old Itzik Amsallem, 25-year-old Mira Scharf and 49-year-old Aharon Smadja.

"I cried all morning," Gila Yehezkeli, 19, a close friend of Sharf, told Xinhua. I grew up with her, she was like a sister to me."

"While, outside, pastoral fields stretched towards Gaza to the south, inside, a 30-centimeter-deep carpet of masonry rubble, shattered glass, children's toys, demolished furniture and household artifacts spread across the floor. Bookshelves and glass breakfronts full of bibles and other Jewish religious books, were ripped off walls, scattering ancient Hebrew texts among the rubble."

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