Monday, August 27

Guest Post: 'Unique Twentysomethings Israel Program in Tzfat'

(I took part in the third-ever three-month session of this program back in the 80s, and I strongly recommend it for the reasons listed below - DB)

Unique Twentysomethings Israel Program in Tzfat
Livnot U’Lehibanot is a unique experiential Israel Experience Program which operates in the Northern City of Tzfat. Livnot offers participants an opportunity to get to know the real Israel through programs that incorporate hiking, volunteering, archaeological excavations, workshops and experiential seminars.

There are a variety of program options at Livnot including the intensive four-week Galilee Fellowship alternative and one-week post-Birthright Northern Exposure extension programs. Each program is a holistic experience that allows participants to encounter Israeli life, the people, the Land of Israel and their own Jewish heritage.

The goals of Livnot U’Lehibanot – “To Build and Be Built” -- involve offering tools and resources to participants which can help them to further understand elements of Jewish beliefs and philosophies as well as Jewish history and the impact that this has on today’s Jewish World and on Israel. Livnot provides participants aged 21 - 30 with an open environment which allows them to delve into different aspects of Judaism as they experience an immersive Israeli and Jewish community living experience.

The Livnot program is not “religious.” Rather it presents information about different aspects of Jewish practices and believes which allow each person the opportunity to consider their own connection to the Jewish community and to their own Jewish heritage. 

Some recent quotes from 5Summer 2012 follow the video:

“I have learned that Judaism is not an all or nothing commitment and that my path in Judaism can differ from the norm and still be incredible.” R.B.

“Everything we have done has reconnected me with my Jewish identity..” J.R.

As far as extension programs go, Livnot was absolutely amazing. I got to enjoy the benefits of a program without feeling suffocated, and it was more than just sight-seeing. My week there was definitely one of the high points for my trip.” J.E.

“Before the program I felt a Jewish identity but didn’t know how to express it because I didn’t understand Hebrew or the Torah. However, after Livnot I’ve learned that none of this matters and there are many ways to have a strong Jewish identity. I’m so excited to bring what I learned at Livnot home with me and share it with my family.” R.K.

“This really was the most amazing and eye-opening experience for me. Everyone on the program and all the staff made this week so enjoyable and created such a loving and safe community. I am beyond grateful for this experience.” L.B.

“Amazing. Without question the highlight of my trip. I’ve done a great deal of programs regarding Judaism and none come close to this one.” S.G.


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