Monday, December 19

Cool - More Israeli Stuff to Boycott!

Remember the swallowable, diagnostic "PillCam?" Well, now Tel Aviv University's developing a similar, remotely-guided device that can perform surgery. From the inside of your body. Yes, like in 1969's Fantastic Voyage.

But without a tiny Donald Pleasance swimming through your guts. Ewwwww.

"We have completed building a prototype of a tiny and very sophisticated endoscopic capsule," according to Dr. Gabor Kosa, of TAU's School of Biomedical Engineering, who said the device precludes invasive surgery or a lengthy recovery period after the procedure.
The pill might also be able to be used in delicate brain surgery.
“The idea is that, during brain surgery, the tiny device could be inserted via a cannula (a narrow tube), and released. It would then make its way to the chosen lobe in the brain – something that was previously impossible,” Kosa told the Ma'ariv daily on Sunday.

Run the page through Google Translate for the rest.

B.D.S.* this, bitches:

(*Boycott. Divest. Sanction. = a malevolent international movement to demonize and destroy Israel)


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