Tuesday, October 18

Awaiting Shalit's Arrival at Israeli Airbase

Standing by at Tel Nof airbase for Shalit's arrival.

The press tent erupted in applause as soon as Shalit was seen on tv. Some reporters are tearing up from the emotional moment.

Immense tension in the air, and among the media and officials here. But there's hot coffee, good sandwiches, and a working Wifi and PA system, so things are good so far... ;-).

An IDF spokesman told me they backed off a premature report that he was already being checked within Israel at an army base. HOWEVER, Bibi, officials and Shalit family are now at Tel Nof:  "I'm glad we've reached this day. You will soon get Gilad back," Netanyahu told Gilad's parents Noam and Aviva.


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