Monday, August 15

What Israeli Reserve Duty Maneuvers Are Really Like

Author's view from the driver's seat... (Photo: Dave Bender. All Rights Reserved)

I wrote this almost a decade ago, and still think it resonates. Comments (constructive, mind you...) welcome.
"Soaked to the skin despite a two-piece rain slicker, I try to pilot my open, windshield-less jeep through the downpour, stiff winds, and lowering clouds. With helmet and oversized driving goggles, I feel like Snoopy taking on the Red Baron - minus the doghouse.

"A recent call-up notice from my army unit once again invited me to join up with brothers - in - arms for exercises somewhere among the dramatic wadis in the sprawling southern Negev Desert.

"I was asked to drop everything I was doing at the moment, pick up an oily rifle and a heavy tan duffle bag, and spend some quality time practicing for the big one."
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