Tuesday, March 15

Israeli Newspaper Halts Online Presence for Abducted Soldier

Screenshot of Ma'ariv Hebrew-language daily: "We're halting operations for the sake of Gilad Shalit."

Hamas terrorists abducted Israeli Defense Forces Cpl. Gilad Shalit from an army lookout along the Israeli side of the border with Gaza Israel five years ago, and have not allowed any visits by the International Red Cross or any other humanitarian organization, in contravention of The Geneva Accords on treatment of military prisoners.

From The Jerusalem Post:
At 11:00 AM on Tuesday morning, people throughout the country stopped, observing five minutes of silence in honor of Gilad Schalit.

Rather than the customary one minute of silence, Ofer Ben Tal, one of the organizers for the campaign to free Gilad Schalit, asked the public to stop for five full minutes, one minute for the nearly five years Schalit has been held in captivity by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

MKs at prison: Big disparity in Schalit, Hamas conditions
PM: I hope Schalit will be released while I'm in office

"Traffic jams were observed throughout Tel Aviv, as cars stopped in the streets in Schalit's honor.

"'For the past five years, the entire nation has been united in its hearts in the hope that Gilad Schalit will be here with us, healthy and whole,' President Shimon Peres said at Tuesday's Negev Conference in Eilat."
More, including video, is here.


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