Tuesday, October 5

Jeff Beck Rocks Tel Aviv


"A Day in the Life"

From Ha'aretz (which - of course - must politicize everything, ideally, to Israel's detriment):
"Beck is one of a few high-profile foreign stars who have ignored calls to boycott Israel as part of a campaign that has seen a series of acts pull the plug on plans to tour the country.
Several pro-Palestinian groups had urged Beck, who first found fame with The Yardbirds in the 1960s, to scrap the show.
“We’ve chosen to rehearse in Israel and settle there for a few days, rather than rehearse in England and get off the plane – we want to acclimatize ourselves,” Beck was quoted as saying by website Israel 21C ahead of the tour, apparently unaware of the significance of the term 'settle' in regional politics."

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Beck is a tremendous guitar player and bless his soul for his not bending to political pressure. You do not boycott democracies - you engage them!


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