Monday, September 20

Hamas Releases Shalit Death-Threat Video


The military wing of Hamas in Gaza on Monday published an online video clip purporting to show how Israeli Army captive Cpl. Gilad Shalit would be put to death if Israel does not agree to its demands for a Palestinian prisoner release.

In the video, which appear with running Hebrew commentary on Israel's Channel Two tv news site, Shalit is shown sitting at a table in a darkened room.

He is flanked by two captors. One unpacks a bag with what appear to be his belongings, including a letter to his family released earlier, and apparently orders him to write a "farewell letter." The second captor loads and cocks a Kalashnikov rifle.

The screen goes black and shots ring out, and the screen shows the words: "Is the mission over!"

The video is one in a series of psy-ops clips, intended to put pressure on Israel.

Shalit was abducted from an outpost within Israel alongside the Gaza border on June 25, 2006.

Hamas has refused to allow the Red Cross to visit Shalit.

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