Monday, June 7

Bridge of Size: Jerusalem's Light Rail

Jerusalem Bridge of Size
'Bridge of Size' (Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)

This dramatic Calatrava-designed cantilever bridge post buoys a curving cable matrix over Jerusalem's long-delayed light rail project.

This means, as long as you just look up, and it's at this sort of abstract B&W image, it's ok - otherwise it's a frikin' uglificious, soul-killing mess for residents, businesses, and private and public transportation along the route):

(Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)

(Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)

...and from the driver's POV:

(Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)


Judy Lash Balint said...

To me the bridge always looks like someone giving Jerusalem the finger!

Dave Bender said...

"Satan's Suggestion." Alternatively, "Finger of the Gods."


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