Tuesday, May 11

(Video) Comedy Central: So, Can We Call it Cowardly Antisemitism now?

This is beyond appalling:

Comedy Central website has published an anti-semitic game called "I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks," in which a murderous robot called Israel is called upon to wipe out every cartoon character on the show. The short animated movie that introduces the premise of the game portrays a "Jew Producer" being "busted" for stealing cartoon characters. "I.S.R.A.E.L" is then sent out to destroy them all. (H-T: Israelinsider)

And that includes consecutively blowing up small kids as part of the action (viewable on the video clip on my site). Y'know, it's just what Jews do.

This slick, Hamas-level toxic Jew-hatred is aimed straight at small children who do not know better, while their parents ignore it, likely assuming it's just another silly online Flash video game. And what's even more galling is that it's from the same major media outlet, Comedy Central, that censored out any visual or verbal reference to Mohammed in a recent South Park episode, after receiving threats from Muslims.

But my post here isn't about or against Muslims or Islam. It's about virulent, poisonous Jew-hatred slowly welling upward into mainstream corporate American media (...and I just wonder how many Jews worked on this production, thinking it was cool and edgy, indie comedy).

Folks, keep your eyes on the ball, here: this isn't an overreaction to a silly animated cartoon for jaded kids. Cultural references like this - bizarre as they are - are also a reasonable barometer of what Jew-haters and their ilk can "get away with" injecting into the public discourse of an increasingly distracted, media-saturated populace under the rubric of "entertainment."

Little kids watch and play this game, imbibe saccharine Jew-hatred between jokes and bad animation, and then Jews and others wonder where the hate's coming from far down the road.
[screen grab appears here]


Wait - I know! Howzabout' we just change the series name to "J.I.H.A.D. Attack" and let's see what happens - just for sh*ts and giggles, you know; let's see who gets death threats first.

Nahhh. On second thought, let's run with it as is, and see who screams first that we're all paranoid and obsessive Yids shutting down valid debate about Israel via important illustrative cartoon metaphors, or some such drivel.

So, again I ask: can we call it cowardly antisemitism now - and do something to stop it?

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