Tuesday, April 27

Jerusalem's 'Un-Holyland'

"Sickness Land" (Photo: Dave Bender, All Rights Reserved)

Jerusalem's Holyland Park luxury apartment complex is under harsh legal and media scrutiny over alleged bribes paid to a string of senior Israeli figures to allow its construction.

The Hebrew letters to the left of the streetlamp had originally spelled out "Holyland." But a protester added a segment to the first letter on the right - "hay," changing it to, "chet." Now the sign says "Cholyland" - a most excellent pun, meaning "Sickness Land" - in this case, of the political and moral variety:

Those under investigation include former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, former Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky and a series of other government and business officials.

The Jerusalem Post has a great article and graphic by opponents of the project.

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