Thursday, February 25

You Must Read This Post. Now. (Really)

From the keyboard of a ridiculously talented screenwriter wife of friend of mine:
"Today I scanned all the faces on the bus and I felt relatively safe.

"You know why? Because we got them. The bombmakers and the masterminds and the organizers and all the eighteen year olds who couldn't wait to get recruited. We got them all, pretty well. We took them on, and we dismantled their networks and we rocketed their bomb factories and we listened to their phone calls and blocked their bank accounts, and when any of their top brass forgot to be vigilant, we assassinated the hell out of them.

"As well as doing all of this, there was the small and simple matter of involving our children in this fight. That's right, all our little boys, the ones who had been playing with meccano and lego and playmobile on the living room floor. The ones who loved reading Tintin and Asterix or the Israeli equivalent, and who gobbled their Frosties for breakfast every morning before getting the bus to school. All our beautiful boys - the ones who were on Ritalin and the ones who weren't, the ones who loved football and the ones who were too nerdy for sports.

"The ones who wore kipppot and tzitzit and the ones who didn't. We waited till they turned eighteen and then we put them in uniform and trained them to use weapons and taught them to speak Arabic, and they went into every one of those viper's nest towns like Jenin and Ramallah and Nablus, usually during the night, and they arrested every single person hiding a weapon or in possession of explosives. When your children were at university doing law or medicine or engineering, our children were in those towns. Every night."

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Mark @ Israel said...

These days, it could be quite difficult to feel safe. No place is ever safe because anytime and anywhere, a terrorist may attack. It's just so sad that young boys are being trained to become terrorists at such an early age when they should have been enjoying their youth.

夏天天氣嗎 said...

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