Tuesday, January 26

(VIDEO) Israel: 30 countries at mass-casualty, NBC drill

"Preparing for a germ warfare attack, Israel stages its largest ever drill on emergency preparedness as hundreds of emergency response experts from around the world attend a simulated biological attack on Tel Aviv."


iris@israel said...

i live in israel and i live in TAV. as i know m country we never get prepeared to something if there is no any threat. so what does it mean? do we expect any surpirise from gaza or iran? what do you think?

Dave Bender said...

I think there is a valid threat, Iris, and drills like this are useful planning for the rescue services, calm/warn the population, alert the media, tighten bonds with the countries taking part - and warn the enemy that "since we prepared, and have 30 countries on our side, it's not in your interest to attack."

Whether the other side is listening or believes it is another story...

Hodot al'hamashov. Aifo at b'TA? Yesh lach blog?

iris@israel said...

lol. yoooo meatzben-raziti lihtov baivrit ve ze pashyt lo oved po kmo she zarih, ani gara ba hulon, lo bidiyuk ba tel-aviv, aval karov)) ve eyn li blog...ulay ata yahol lishloah mail to mayafroggy at mail.ru, az nihye bakesher?


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