Wednesday, January 20

Haiti & The Israeli Field Hospital: Curb Your Enthusiasm

A cautionary note from a very astute blogger:
"We do not do these things to improve the Israeli "image" or gain the love of the world. Bitter experience taught us that no good deed goes unpunished. African nations that received so much aid from Israel in the 60s broke off diplomatic relations in 1967. Uganda, which had been the recipient of agricultural aid and student exchange programs, repaid us by hosting a plane hijacked by terrorists. Anyone who expects that Haiti will establish diplomatic relations with Israel just because we saved some Haitians will probably be disappointed. As for anti-Zionists, nothing will change with them. It doesn't matter what we do, they still know that we all have horns and tails and eat babies. Don't confuse them with the facts."
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And here's a clever, ironic take on the issue, in the UK Telegraph. So ironic, in fact, that many talkbackers totally misunderstood the point of the sly, British understatement...

My previous post about the Israeli rescue effort is here.


Anonymous said...

I do not agree with your conclusion. Even if you aid the most virulent enemy, you may one day change minds but, it is the message to sister western democracies and their people that Israel is a full and decent citizen nation that makes the Haiti effort worthwhile.

Dave Bender said...

I happen to largely agree with you, but was presenting this post as a side note to rein in the bloggerati cheering section, both because it's unseemly, and does give a measure of creedence to opponents, that, indeed, it's all about PR and not lifesaving for Israelis and their supporters.

Also, I agree with him about the "pride goeth before a fall" element: there have been far too many cases where, as he wrote, "No good [Israeli] deed goes unpunished."

All those who crowed about the lack of Arab aid now look foolish if they give anything at all, so that's a gratuitous egg-on-the-face-moment, IMHO.

I say, let the good work they're do speak for itself - and it does in volumes, going by the press coverage - and let Israel's supporters revel - a bit more discreetly.

Thanks for your comment.

Dave Bender said...

The above comment in Chinese says:

"People become great because of their dreams. We should uphold our ideas."



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