Friday, November 13

Correction: Univ. of Ga. Student Newspaper Revives 'Cheap Jew' Canard

(Correction: the following item is from the University of Georgia's independent student newspaper, The Red & Black, and has no connection to Emory University, as earlier, mistakenly, cited. DB)

Cartoonist Bill Richards' editorial cartoon in University of Georgia's "Red & Black," newspaper on Thursday, November 12, 2009:

Shows two Israeli soldiers standing near a barbed-wire and fenced gate, with a sign overhead calling it "Checkpoint Chaim," reminiscent of the Berlin Wall along what could be presumed as the West Bank security barrier.

The letters, "IDF" are written on the back of one soldier, and a word bubble over the other soldier, with a Jewish star on his helmet, says:
"And to think we got all this great stuff on clearance."
Furious letters to the editor are here:

From one letter, penned by several organizations:
"In the cartoon, there are three clear anti-Semitic overtones: the use of a stereotypical Jewish name in "Checkpoint Chaim", the placement of the Jewish star on the Israeli soldier's helmet and the suggestion that Jews care most about saving money in the caption.

"To the reader: What did these three references add to the political opinion of the cartoon? The slur in the caption takes an edgy, yet legitimate political cartoon and turns it into an ugly smear.
"Serving and representing the diverse community of the University of Georgia, The Red & Black should exercise extreme caution in their editorial decisions regarding race or religion, especially in the context of editorial cartoons. We call upon the leadership of The Red & Black to publish a retraction and to condemn anti-Semitism on campus."
Other angry replies are here:

The Red & Black's reply?:
"The Red & Black received numerous comments about Thursday's editorial cartoon.

"We would like to clarify that the cartoon was not intended to be offensive or a comment on any one religion.

"This newspaper staff would never condone that kind of hatred, and we hope students on campus stand up against it.

- The Red & Black editors"

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