Tuesday, September 8

Some Advice For The 'Ignorant Arrogance of the Advice-Givers'

Prof. Barry Rubin replies - plain and simple - to the Ignorant Arrogance of the Advice-Givers:

"One remarkable thing about watching the Middle East is how what’s celebrated as brilliant in Europe or America is errant nonsense.

Writing such stuff makes people successful and gives them an audience of millions. What they say is so ridiculous that one wants to laugh, yet so totally accepted as true in Washington and European capitals that the laugher would be laughed at.

The article to which I refer is by Jacob Weisberg in the June 22 Newsweek, entitled, “A Friend in Need: Barack gets tough on Bibi.” It is far more terrible because Weisberg is neither leftist nor anti-Israel but has simply imbibed what 'everyone says.'"
Warning: Serious slapdown action ahead.

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