Sunday, September 13

UPDATE: (Video) PM Eulogizes Late Israeli Astronaut's Son

What a tragedy:

From The Jerusalem Post:

Baruch Dayan Emet.

Video of Assaf Ramon getting his IAF wings:

Initial findings: possible blackout at 18,000 ft. in a sharp turn during multiple craft dogfight, according to Israel TV Ch. 2 talking with IAF experts.

From The Government Press Office:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Sunday), 13.9.09, eulogized Lt. Assaf Ramon:

"'Thy beauty, O Israel, upon thy high places is slain! How are the mighty fallen!'*

Few are the moments in which private pain so strongly shatters the national heart. Today, the entire nation is wrapped in unfathomable grief over the death of Assaf Ramon, who fell from the skies like his father Ilan.

This is an awful tragedy for Rona and the entire Ramon family; this is an awful tragedy for the entire people of Israel.

I was moved when Ilan, the youngest of the pilots who bombed the death reactor in Iraq, took with him into space a pencil drawing titled 'Moon Landscape' by a 14-year-old Jewish boy, Peter Ginz, who was murdered at Auschwitz. I was also deeply moved when Assaf continued in his father's path and finished the IAF pilot's course with top marks. The loss of each of these outstanding individuals, father and son, is a disaster in and of itself. The loss of both brings with it pain too terrible to bear.

There is no consolation for the Ramon family, or for the Israeli people, only tears."

* II Samuel 1:19
I wrote a story about Col. Ilan Ramon, who died along with his crew in 2003, when Space Shuttle Columbia burned up on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere:

"Elegy for Columbia: A Personal Requiem"

You can read it here:

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