Tuesday, September 29

Exclusive Photos and Gifts From Israel!

David's Tower, Jerusalem. Dave Bender: All Rights Reserved

Photographs and related images of Israel:
her people, places and events, that I've photographed all over the country, and available on assorted media, including calendars, posters, t-shirts mugs - you name it!

Choose from a wide array of exclusive posters, photos & souvenirs from Israel to decorate your Succa, or home for Channukah! Among the photos are my exclusive images from the IDF at war and training, stunning Israeli nature vignettes, photojournalism-style Jerusalem and Tel Aviv street scenes, and many, many more. Also available are greeting cards, embossed Flip-mini video cams, cups, clocks, tiles, keepsake boxes, and shoulder bags.

Safe and secure online purchasing, and standards, premium and 1-day shipping via CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/davebender

I'm adding items all the time, so contact me directly for special orders, or to change the photos on the gifts: davebrianbender@gmail.com

Thanks, Dave

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