Monday, August 31

When the Prophet & Profit Motive Meet

Oh, the sweet bitter irony - otherwise known in the language of the Prophets as vacuous, stunning "hutzpa" - of it all...

From the WaPo:
"[Shari] Arison -- billionaire ($2.7 by Forbes's most recent estimate), perhaps the richest woman in the Middle East, a major force in Israeli philanthropy -- claims that she can see the future.

"This is much bigger than a parlor trick. In her new book published this summer in Israel, the 51-year-old Miami native says she felt the Indonesian tsunami sweeping over the land two months before it happened and sensed Hurricane Katrina pummeling New Orleans. In an interview, Arison says she also "saw the writing on the wall" before the global economic crash. Reading about Arison's extrasensory perception makes you ache for a heads-up, maybe a blog entry or a tweet or a phone call to Brownie or Greenspan or somebody who might have helped."

I hear there's medication for this.

Hey - btw: I'm looking for multimedia development ideas for my website: And no, asking Arison for a loan doesn't count. Go take a look, and drop me a line. Thanks, D

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