Sunday, August 23

(Audio Slideshow) UK Guardian: 'This land belongs to the Jewish people'

Shdema is located at the green A.
(Click on the larger view for a detailed map)

The UK's Guardian newspaper has an audio slideshow (so far unembeddable) up purporting to give an on-site view of Israelis trying to (re) settle and rebuild Shdema, an abandoned Israeli army base near the Israeli neighborhood of Har Homa, and the Palestinian town of Beit Sahur - both just SE of Jerusalem and NE of Bethlehem.

For what it's worth, my take is that the slide show - despite it's faults - is far drier and more straight-up newsy, than the written article by the same author - Rory McCarthy. While both focus on Israeli Women in Green founder Nadia Matar , the written article comes across as a much more of a screedy and opinionated piece of work than the slideshow.

The Women in Green website post on Shdema:

"The convention of the terrorist Fatah organization in Betlehem last week has brought with it a wave of vandalism against Shdema, located on the outskirts of Betlehem

"For the past two weeks, international anarchists and Arabs have vandalized Shdema, have besmirched the Israeli flags and have painted anti-Israeli slogans on the walls.

"When we go up to Shdema, the IDF accompanies us, mainly to make sure we don’t do any serious building in Shdema. On the other hand, the illegal Arab construction at the bottom of Shdema continues to blossom, despite the destruction orders against it."

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