Monday, July 27

Damning video expose': Israelis Set Up 13 Settlements 'Overnight'

Click the photo for the backstory about the weary members of a similar, struggling desert settlement. (H-T: Ritchie)

In a startling 'facts-on-the-ground' rebuke to the US Administration, Israeli settlers erect over a dozen rural communities, in defiance of world opinion... 1938.

(Only now they're called "kibbutzim" - expansive rural collective farms, that are internationally lauded as exemplary centerpieces of Israel's agricultural, industrial and social prowess).

Many of the kibbutz movement leaders' and a host of others, now decry their modern day counterparts, in what is hard to see but as a breathtaking display of hutzpa.

Oh, and there's a classic movie bit of flipping pages of "The Palestine Post" as it comes off the printing press: that's what's known today as The Jerusalem Post. Like the British Army's middle east unit during World War II, commonly known as the "Palestine Brigade." Made up of - better sit down for this revelation - Jews, and not today's putative Palestinians. Draw your own conclusions. Jes' sayin...

Sorry - no embed code, so go watch it here.

Full disclosure: I was a member of such a foolhardy, against-the-grain political settlement years ago, greening the inhospitable, stony desert. Nowadays, guess that makes me (the guy on the left in the photo up there) and my bleary-eyed cohorts veteran settlers, now, too.

And a helluva' party it was, too...

(H-T: EoZ)

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