Monday, June 8

Atlanta Man Turns Somali Pirate Fighter (Exclusive story - new website)

Just opened my new website for business, and am working on a fascinating audio profile about someone who has an extensive background in counter-terrorism:

Siegelman: Atlanta Man Turns Somali Pirate Fighter (Photo: Dave Bender)

At first glance, 30-year-old former Atlanta resident Ariel Siegelman doesn't strike you as someone who's used to facing off against pirates and gunmen. But then, the soft-spoken, observant Jew starts describing hair-raising experiences as a professional Israeli security chief guarding passenger vessels and freighters plying the treacherous waters of the Gulf of Aden.

"One day, his ship was in the sea lanes alongside the
Maersk Alabama, and the pirates' motorboat first headed for him...
With some coaxing, the nominally taciturn Siegelman allows us into a secretive world on a little-seen front line, and how the violent contours of such daily skirmishes affect him, and his family.

We talk about his recent visit to the United States, primarily to train urban SWAT teams, and his heartfelt recommendations for the Jewish community, in the wake of recent terror threats.

I'll be posting excerpts from the story on my website soon, so make sure to bookmark it, and stop back there.

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