Monday, May 25

Mr. Virtual Crap, Meet Mr. Mideast Fan...

From the JPost:
The upcoming home front drill, Turning Point 3, is based a scenario in which "a combined missile and rocket attack on Israel from all sides combined with terror attacks from within," and is "not a fictional scenario," Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilan'i told members of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday.

Vilna'i briefed the committee on the state-wide drill, scheduled to begin on May 31. The threat of missiles hitting mainland Israel "is not unrealistic," Vilna'i continued. "If a war breaks out, that is probably what would happen."

Yeah, well alright then.

Trying mightily to unstress as I type in all the tags below... even if I always did appreciate the Israeli penchant for "cutting to the chase," about what's at stake.

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