Monday, May 25

The Costs of Keeping the Faith (video, photos)

Money magazine has an interesting, three-part in-depth profile (Jewish, Muslim, Christian) of what it takes for a faith-based household to make ends meet in America - all while staying true to your traditions:

"Ask Abbi Perets about financial pain, and she starts talking about grape juice. Specifically, she's referring to the half-gallon bottles of grape juice that her local grocery sells for $9 each.

"Drinking the juice is an integral part of the prayer ritual that Abbi, her husband, Guy, and their four children follow every Friday and Saturday to commemorate the Jewish Sabbath. Like all the food in the Perets household, the juice must be kosher - that is, prepared according to Jewish dietary laws. And the $9 juice, more than three times the price of the regular kind, is the only kosher grape juice she can find."

Go read the rest.

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