Thursday, April 16

YouDecide YouTube: 'Shalom, Saalam' vs Blood Drinkers

From the Israel Foreign Ministry YouTube page:
"While first grade students at regular schools struggle with reading and writing their mother tongue, first grade students at the bilingual school "Yad be-Yad" in Jerusalem, Israel, learn an additional language: Hebrew or Arabic:"

Hmm... Let's contrast and compare, shall we?

Official Palestinian Authority Television recently aired this little shocker. Nothing Jews haven't been living with since, oh, forever and a weekend, but it's says something that Hamas has no worries about trumpeting their sadistic little views to the world:

Israel. Hamas. Watch the video again, and you do the math.

I titled this post, "YouDecide" as a play on the name, YouTube. Hmm. Saying "YouDecide" aloud, I just heard the unintended pun it represents...

More MFA vids here.

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