Monday, March 2

'Lindsay, Please Stay A Shiksa' Fund: Won't You Help?

Lindsay Lohan is converting to Judaism in a bid to prove her devotion to Jewish girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Although raised a Catholic, the 22-year-old star announced she was planning to change her faith on her Facebook page.

After jetting into London last week, Lindsay joined girlfriend Samantha at the Bar Mitzvah of the DJ's half-brother Joshua Ronson at the Westminster Synagogue on Saturday.

"No. G-d Almighty, no. On behalf of all right-thinking Jews everywhere, we must do everything necessary to stop this spoiled, bubbleheaded, moronic bimbo from becoming anything like what a Martian could accidentally and fleetingly think was close to something vaguely similar to a religion barely resembling Judaism.

"In the name of all that is holy, this must be stopped."
Finally, something that made me laugh early in the morning. Heh.

H-T: Elder.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why moronic? She doesn't seem to be a blonde ;-)


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