Thursday, March 5

Breaking: 3rd Tractor Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Israel National News has a good slide show of the scene.

Hamas has lauded the attack, according to Haaretz, quoting Reuters:

"Gaza's Hamas rulers praised Thursday's bulldozer attack in Jerusalem as a "natural response" to Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes in Arab East Jerusalem and to Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip.

"'The operation in Jerusalem was a natural response to aggression against our people. The Zionist enemy should realize that they alone bear the responsibility for displacing our people in Jerusalem and for the killings in Gaza and the West Bank,' said Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas official."

From the JPost:

"A Palestinian man driving a bulldozer was shot dead after intentionally attacking a police car on Thursday afternoon. Before he was shot, the man tried to tip over additional vehicles including a public bus at the Golomb intersection, near Jerusalem's Malha Mall.

Police next to the bulldozer...
Police next to the bulldozer used in Thursday's terror attack near Malha, Jerusalem. Photo: Channel 2

"Two police officers were reportedly lightly injured in the attack.

"Less than an hour after the attack, Nissim Shahar, deputy commander of the Jerusalem Police, told Channel 2 that the terrorist had died of his wounds."

Malcha mall, just past the intersection where the attack took place, is one of the largest malls in Israel, and would normally be packed with shoppers at this hour of the afternoon.

From Haaretz:

"This is the fourth time that a vehicle has been used to carry out an attack in the capital. In July 2008, a Palestinian deliberately went on the rampage in a bulldozer on Jaffa Street, killing three people and wounding dozens more. Two weeks later, a resident of East Jerusalem carried out a similar attack, wounding at least 24 people.

"In September, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem plowed his car into a crowd of Israel Defense Forces soldiers on their way to the Western Wall. All three were shot dead at the scene."

More on those attacks here, and here.

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