Monday, February 16

Israel: Spiderman, 'Eesh Akrav,' Drop the Shtick and Go Get a Job...

(Can I do rhyme, or what?...)

From Ynetnews:

Man dressed as comic superhero jumps on cars, lassos them with 'web' of rope in Rosh Ha'ayin

Israeli drivers in Rosh Ha'ayin were met with an unusual sight Sunday evening, when a man dressed as Spiderman decided to use his superpowers to engage commuters sitting in evening traffic.

Several drivers on the scene called the traffic police hotline to report the superhero's unique participation in the traffic jam. The man leapt from vehicle to vehicle, occasionally attempting to lasso cars with an apparent 'web' made of ropes.

Policewoman Ayala Cohen and police volunteer Uriel Dozriv arrived at the Rosh Ha'ayin junction, only to have their police car assaulted by a 'spider web'. The two were able to subdue the man easily, upon getting out of the vehicle.

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Now kids, it's your turn:

"Is he strong? Listen bub,..._____________."

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