Monday, February 9

Music Video: Israel's 'Coolooloosh' Iz Rockin' Da' Bayit

Seriously big fun with Coolooloosh:
"In 2003, five extremely talented musicians from Jerusalem, Israel, and around the world, found each other and came together to form one of the most unique and dynamic forces in the music world as we know it today. Suitability named 'Coolooloosh,' a Jerusalemite word for celebration and joy; this is precisely what the band exhumes with each and every exciting performance. Wooing fans around the world with their intelligent blend of genres, Coolooloosh combining Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, and Funk, is one of Israel’s most popular groups, and is one of the very few well known emerging acts that can pull it off.'"
Like I said, seriously big fun. From a profile on Israeli21c:
"Now, fresh off its first year of touring internationally and recording an album in the United States, the band is a rising star in a sea of tough competitors. With its hopping tunes that mix everything from Middle Eastern beats to Hasidic-like jigs to familiar hip-hop rhythms, the band is convinced it is "a dynamic force" ready to take on the world."

"I can see they're a little crazy and great musicians," says Coolooloosh's US producer David Ivory in a home video made by the band, "...but in this business there are a lot of people making music, and these guys are serious."

Ivory, a Grammy-nominated producer known for his work with Erykah Badu and The Roots, invited Coolooloosh to Philadelphia in early 2008 to record its second album, Elements of Sound - a collection of songs that leap ahead of the group's first record, Coolooloosh.
(H-T: Israel21c)


Gilda said...

I think you mean exhudes not exhumes. Loved the video!

Dave Bender said...

It's their quote, from the MySpace page... I agree, but hey - it's art, so who am I to quibble. Heh.


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