Monday, February 2

Imagine: On Love, John Lennon & The Jews

Yes, we're talkin' 'bout John and Yoko's revolution, and Jews in Hare Krishna orange gowns and all kinds a' hella' deepy stuff...
"For starters, even assuming the One-Worlders could ever bring us peace, which they most definitively cannot, it would only be at the price of a terrorist, totalitarian, socially engineered nightmare that would make George Orwell and Aldous Huxley wet their pants. That is the only possible, earth-bound consummation of the words: “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” (Stop humming.) If you’ve got no will, no emotions, no preferences and no special ties left to speak of, I guess that’ll take the fight out of you pretty good, all right."

The essay is long, starts kinda' slow, but - really - picks up steam and, IMHO, is essential reading to understand many things about the world today.

No jokes or snarky Internet comments from me about this one. I read it a decade ago when it was new, and it still hits home.

Please listen to the video, and make the time to read it closely.

Your comments are welcome.

Thank you.

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