Wednesday, January 28

'It'll Take Awhile:' A Bitter, Poignant Requiem For Gaza

Author and colleague Judy Lash Balint, in a recent, and bitterly poignant post writes:
"At the Jerusalem think tank where I work, one of the offices has been dark for almost two months. Noam (not his real name), the bright, articulate, British-born researcher in his mid-thirties, was called up for routine reserve duty back in early December. We all missed
his dry wit and pithy insights as he spent almost a month brushing up on his army training. Noam returned to the office full of amusing stories about life in a tent in the desert with his old buddies, and promptly went about picking up the threads of the work
he'd left a few weeks earlier.

"Less than ten days later, the Gaza war broke out and Noam and his platoon were among the first of the more than 6,500 reservists who received emergency call-up orders, known here as Tsav Shmoneh. That made sense, Noam, said, since they were the most up-to-date in their training...
Read the rest and weep for all that was done by Israel to no avail, and for all who suffered in the name of an evanescent "peace."

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