Friday, January 2

I utterly condemn Israel's disproportionate response!

"I condemn Israel's disproportionate attack on Hamas because, so far, it has only lasted four days and I would like to see a proportionate response that terrifies Hamas for seven years, the years that have filled Sderot and neighboring towns with nightmares, death, amputations and trauma coming from rockets and mortars fired from Gaza."

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A.P said...

I understand the purpose of the article ("I utterly condem..."), detailing what Hamas has done to Israel over the last several years and that is important for uninformed readers to learn. However, the article seems to suggest that Isreal should not only defend itself but should also seek revenge. Revenge is not possible and this is why: Hamas can never experience the kind of fear and sorrow that Israelis have experienced because of years of terrorism. How could they? They do not value life and they are filled with irrational hate -- their actions, again and again, reek of evil, not in the overly used sense of the word, but in the purest meaning of the word. For instance, they use their own children as logs on a fire, so how could they ever fear for their children's saftey in the middle of the night? Hamas will never experience the horrors that they have doled out to Israel because they do not share the same kind of hearts and souls. May that always be true.

Dave Bender said...


Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


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