Wednesday, July 23

Jerusalem: come for the terror -- stay for the culture!

No, really. I mean it:
  • Israelis may have the blues, but they don't play the blues, which is why they have to rely on Americans to do it for them. Get low down in the (Nile?) Delta with the Jerusalem Blues Project tonight at Mike's Place.
  • Shaanan Street, lord and master of chartbusting hip-hop/funk outfit Hadag Nachash, has gone solo for some reason and will be performing live at Beit Avi Chai at 22:30 on Saturday night in support of his just-released album.
  • There's something appealingly incongruous about Hebrew-language stage adaptations of popular American films - and if you need an example, look no further than the Jerusalem Theatre's winning production of Rain Man, also on Saturday night.
  • On Monday, swing by the Musrara art school to admire the works of its talented students at a special class gallery showing, and wind down the evening with cocktails and the smoky vocal stylings of young chanteuse Shelly Tzarafi at Birman.
There's plenty more happening throughout the city, and as always, all you need to do is click over to the Events section to find it. Have a great weekend.


And this is just a few of the, oh, 'bout a thousand reasons why I frikin' love the place. No, really. I'm not kidding.

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