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Examining Kuntar Way Too Close For Comfort

Israel Channel 10 News: 'Kuntar in Lebanon; Samir Kuntar passes over to the Lebanese side [of the border].'

"A senior Israeli medic who took part in Samir Kuntar's capture after his 1979 terror attack in Nahariya, also took part in his medical and psychological profiling afterwards. The Birmingham, Alabama-born writer reveals shocking revelations about Kuntar's childhood, his treatment by the Israeli army, and his experiences guarding convicted terrorists:
"...please allow me to tell from first hand experience exactly who, "Their" brave hero really is. I met the brave 16.9 year old hate-filled, sexually abused, wild-eyed youth that murdered Dani Harran and his four year old toddler Einat that night April 22nd, 1979 on the beach in Nahariyah.

"I had gone to do my nightly volunteer shift with the Police as a member of the Civil Guard in the Meona Police station near Ma'alot.

During our shift it was a cool night and we could clearly hear the radio communications from Nahariyah. Around 11:30PM, myself and Shabbati Alon, the ex-commander of the Police in Meona who was now commander of the Civil Guard of Ma'alot, had gone to visit an Arab acquaintance to drink some strong Arabic coffee.
Around 12:10AM we heard Eli Shachar Z"L answer the call for a robbery on Rechov Jabotinsky [Street] in Nahariyah. Suddenly there were frantic calls.

"Alon decided to go towards the scene to clarify what was going on as an experienced officer veteran of the 101 unit and an 18 year veteran of the Israeli police he felt that in those first moments his expertise as well as mine as a senior medic were needed, so we drove to the area.
When we arrived on the scene, I witnessed first hand how Samir Kuntar viciously murdered Danny and then how he grabbed Einat by the arm and hair as he used the butt of his rifle to smash her little skull on the rocks.

"Once he had surrendered, sniveling after three of his comrades were killed, he was taken into custody along with his comrade Ahmed Al Abras. Al Abras would later be freed by Israel in the Jibril Agreement of May 1985.

"Standing near Kuntar I saw how from abject fear of retribution he defecated on himself, whimpered, cried and begged. We could have shot him but the officers said leave him alone, he surrendered. He was pitiful. Later, in order to hide his embarrassment, he claimed that since he had been shot he could not have murdered Danny or Einat. I never saw any wound on him.

"During my many years of IDF Reserves, I served as a EMT Master Sergeant of a Medical Unit that administrated medic care under Red Cross regulations, unarmed and dressed in Medical White coats. For me, my doctors and medics served honorably under the severest conditions
of abuse and threats from our prisoners. We served according to the best tradition of the Hippocratic Oath and the motto of the medical corps, "To Save Life."

"In the routine pre-relief briefing while reviewing the cases of our prisoners who needed continual treatment, it was recorded in Kuntar's files that during the required pre-imprisonment psychological examination it was found that he had been a sexually abused and beaten child. He voluntarily admitted the information, without any force upon him, how his own father had sodomized him and how as a new young recruit he had repeatedly been sodomized by his friends in the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) camp of Rashadiyah, Lebanon, near Tyre before the terrorist attack in 1979. Furthermore, that as a young Lebanese Druse the Palestinians taunted him consistently as they questioned his loyalty to the cause.

"Later, while one of the doctors and I were administering treatment to Kuntar, he readily verified this information freely during treatment. His fair and conscientious medical care was in glaring contrast to how Israeli POWs are treated."
A must read:

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Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I believe in telling the truth therefore the one mistake you have is that I was born in Birmingham not in Auburn.
Otherwise the rest about Samir is correct.

Dave Bender said...

I'll be sure to tell Randy Newman...

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