Friday, November 23

'Been away so long, I hardly knew the place...'

Columbus, GA., guitarist and songwriter Marshall Ruffin rockin' the crowd at The Loft. (Dave Bender)

"Gee it's great to be back home..."

High-altitude ice crystals bracket the setting sun on a Sunday evening, after a day trekking through the hills near Helen, Ga. Click the pics, or go
here for more recent images. (Dave Bender)

Well, y'know: life; work, mainly covering stories, Shabbat, Chag; and especially, missing Israel... But in the meantime, covering events here, like this demo:

Two protesters at the annual SOA Watch protest outside the gates of the US Army's Ft. Benning, GA. facility, demonstrate "waterboarding," a controversial interrogation technique, opponents consider a form of torture. The willing subject of this simulation was unrestrained, and emerged unharmed from the brief exhibition. (Dave Bender)

I'll make a Thanksgiving vow to try to get back into blogging. Really, I will. Right after I finish a prison story I'm working on...

Staffers at Stewart County Detention Center, Lumpkin, Ga., removing handcuffs and leg irons from detained illegal aliens, in order to for transport them to hearings on their cases - or deportation. (Dave Bender)

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