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Israel: The Pressure Point & Britney Spears (Original Photo)

Pressure Point
Pressure Point (Dave Bender)

Eitan Haber (bureau chief of late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, from 1991 to 1995) writing in YnetNews:
One does not need to be a great Israeli leader to discern what Winston Churchill would have undoubtedly called the "gathering storm", and it doesn't comprise just rain clouds. We all understand what is happening but prefer to supress our thoughts. Or, just as in that Kol Nidre night in 1973, we can't see what is happening:

The Arab and Islamic world is looking to obtain nuclear arms: The Iranians are working full out on this; Syria is trying to acquire them on the sly; Libya reached an advanced stage in its nuclear project and we knew nothing about it; Pakistan is already a nuclear power and is not, if I am not mistaken, a country that sends us flowers for Shabbat.

The world’s headache

Washington is preparing an international peace conference and, at the conference, Israel will be asked to make sweeping concessions. President George W. Bush is looking for at least one success, before he becomes an oil magnate in Texas, and it looks like it will come at our expense. Let's not forget: America does not recognize the West Bank settlements, some 200,000 people. And joining the US will be many other world nations which, in the past few years, have bought into the notion that "we are the world's headache". If the Americans don't succeed in November, these countries will try in January and they won't give up.

Eitanush?... Tishma', habibi: although it's like, really nice of you to wake up this late in the game and realize that our backs are to the wall, howza'bout a smidgen of pride, self-respect and, ya' know, uttering the umm, "F" word. Faith. As in who and what we are, have been and will remain.

And not this sort of "Cry me a river" prattle...

(Inspired by Chris Crocker's infamous and passionate YouTube appeal for people to leave Britney alone in the wake of her failed performance at the MTV 2007 Music Video Awards

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the internal war going on in America and the very real possibility that America will be so divided it will be too busy fighting among itself to do anything internationally. Even worse, a pro-Palestinian She-Devil might have control of America's armed forced or perhaps someone who has Hussian as his middle name.

These are dark days indeed.


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