Friday, October 19

Iran's Khamenei to US: 'Join the unfree world'

He he he:
In a speech that condemned the upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace conference, Iran’s Supreme Leader today called on the United Nations to impose sanctions on the United States aimed at “bringing the U.S. into the global community of unfree nations.”

“The people of the United States have lived under iron-fist of liberty for too long,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whose word is law in Iran. “We believe that deep in the human soul dwells a universal desire to submit to a more powerful person whom one can revere with quiet obedience. Americans have had to squelch this yearning for more than two centuries.”

Mr. Khamenei told a cheering Iranian crowd, “No people can long endure the shackles of a democratic regime, without finally breaking those chains and taking their place among uncivilized nations that have wisely advanced only so far as they ought.”

“With proper encouragement from the United Nations,” he added, “the American people will soon throw off the yoke of freedom, and breathe the fresh air of subservience along with their millions of brethren in the Muslim world.”

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