Wednesday, October 10

Contrast & Compare: Jerusalem real estate, and not-so-real-estate

Curved sky
Building on Jerusalem (Dave Bender). I photographed this view of the Dome of the Rock, and construction near the Old City, via the reflection in the glass of the City Hall observation deck. Click the pic for the hi-rez version.
Abbas wants state in 98% of West Bank:
Demands include all of Gaza, W. Bank, e. J'lem and areas in e. J'lem demilitarized before '67.
Infolive TV:
Real Estate Is Booming In The Capital: brings you the first in a series of special reports on Jerusalem, offering our readers the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of Israel's capital city, including security, the different peace plans concerning the city, real estate, religion and cultural events.

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(Disclosure: I served as an editor at The JPost, and bureau chief at Infolive: hah, loved the pun about "booming," Patricio, Margot...)

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