Friday, September 21

Yom Kippur: Very, Very Fast Forward (wicked cool video)

Why "holidays" in Israel really aren't like anywhere else:

I'll try real hard to envision this speeded-up version of the fast, ohh, about the last two hours of the



w fast tomorrow afternoon...

And to any and all - worldwide - that I may have offended or hurt with this blog in any way, shape or form, please forgive me.

Tzom kal - an easy, "fast" fast to all - and remember K-Mart shoppers: Saturday night is woodworking night:

And then, of course, there's this:Joy of Torah
A buncha' guys gettin' their groove thang on, at "hakafot Shniyot" on Simchat Torah, in Jerusalem's Liberty Bell park, 2005. (Dave Bender)

And, finally, here's a cheat sheet for the clueless, but curious.

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