Wednesday, September 12

Stickin' with a sweet New Year - updated (video)

Best comment on this one?
"Why Is It When Kids Do This Kinda Of Stuff Its Funny And Cute But When I Do It Everybody Says "What The Hells Wrong With You? Your 35 And This Isnt Your House!"
True, true...

And colleague, and damn-but-I-wish-I-wrote-as-good-as-her, pal Judy Lash-Balint has a great feaure on the "Signs of Rosh Hashana in Jerusalem: "
Anyone venturing into the shuk or even a local supermarket this week
could be forgiven for thinking that a famine was imminent. Shoppers
laden with huge nylon bags of every kind of produce, fish, meat and
bread, may be seen staggering under the weight of their purchases,
secure in the knowledge that they have sufficient provisions for three
days when stores are closed.

Certain foods are traditional to eat on Rosh Hashana, and the markets

are full of the most beautiful pomegranates; succulent dates and crisp
apples. All the produce is local—pomegranate trees grow everywhere,
even in private gardens; dates are from the Jordan Valley and apples
from the Golan.
Read it all, "for verily, it is a good and spacious Land."

Shana Tova, a good and sweet year to all.

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