Sunday, September 2

Hey - we got mail! 'juden raus u filthy crook nosed scum'

Well well well...

Look what crawled out from under the rock, about my posting from over a year ago of a Lebanese tv satire mocking Hizbullah (this has been one of the biggest pus-drawing postings on my YouTube page, actually).

The really lowest of the pond scum have been deleted (no offense to microbes and fungi, of course) while other, slightly higher-functioning vermin have been allowed to post - just so you, dear readers, will understand what's out there:
New Comment
burn shitrael, piss on u filthy kikes
juden raus u filthy crook nosed scum
Next up on the hit parade:

Whatever they do, how many civilians they bomb,⁠ how many innocent babies they kill, whoever they ally with, those FUCKING JEWS won't stay alive where they have invaded. Jews are DAMNED by GOD and they will be "HOMELESS" forever!! I wish All JEWS DIE and BURN IN HELL!
And for our sewer dining "desert," allow me to present just a mere soup├žon, of the rest of the deletions:
time to get out and give palestinians back their land.
free palestine.
palestine to become juden frei. raus!!!!

So, youse blogger utes - what kinda' scum-mail are you getting? So, g'wan kids - hit the comments and leave a few responses of your own (be nice! I delete on sight)...

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