Tuesday, September 11

Eyewitness to 9/11 in Jerusalem's Old City

Following are a number JPost Radio reports I prepared from Jerusalem's Old City immediately after the terror attacks against the US on 9/11/01:

Me, hoofing it with crash helmet, mike and gear down the darkened alleyways of the "souk." This shot was lit by camera flash. It was much darker, with sounds and footsteps echoing off the cobblestones. (Mati Milstein)

Talking with American tourists (Oklahoma and Arkansas) along the Via Dolorosa. After hearing the news of the attacks, they hurried back to their hospice, en route to a flight back stateside. (Mati Milstein)

I interviewed Muslim and Christian Palestinians, American Christian tourists, and Jewish seminary students from New York.

We made our way north to south, from the Damascus Gate in the Muslim Quarter, through the Christian Quarter to the Jewish Quarter, near the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount area in the Old City. We exited the Old City
at Zion Gate, near the Armenian Quarter.

Speaking with a Palestinian shopkeeper at an Internet cafe'. The interviewee is unconnected to the following clips. (Mati Milstein)
  • Palestinian Muslim shopkeeper: Damascus Gate. BTW - that incredulity you might hear in my voice, as I'm talking with this guy? It's real.

  • Second Palestinian Muslim shopkeeper, further down the alleyways, towards the heart of the Old City:

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  • Two American tourists hurrying for safety at a Catholic convent where they were staying:

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  • Talking with a group of four yeshiva seminary students. They are in a pizza parlor in the Jewish Quarter, watching a television showing images of the smoking WTC towers:

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BabbaZee said...

G-D bless you Dave
I don't know how you do it.

I would end up in the hooskow.

muse said...

And I was trying to teach English in the Yeshiva high school in Beit El. The kids were late and told me this rediculous story....


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