Monday, October 1

'Dig: Noam Chomsky, Mordechai Vanunu & Edward Said are Jewish. Elie Wiesel is goyish.'

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle, Emanuele Ottolenghi deconstructs a common nihilistic ailment afflicting Jewish intellectuals among the hard Left:
In an essay published in the Jewish magazine Tikkun last January, Bertell Ollman, one of the world’s best-known Marxist theorists, recounted how, on his way into the operating room, he realised that if he did not survive his surgery, he would die a Jew. The prospect was so unsettling that, once healed, he wrote his Letter of resignation from the Jewish people. The reasons were Zionism, Israel, and the support its policies enjoy from other Jews.

Ollman might yet reconsider, but for that to happen, Jews would have to embrace his own version of Jewish identity. Paraphrasing a Lenny Bruce joke, he said:
"Noam Chomsky, Mordechai Vanunu and Edward Said are Jewish. Elie Wiesel is goyish. So, too, all ‘Jewish’ neo-cons. Socialism and communism are Jewish. Sharon and Zionism are very goyish. And, who knows, if this reading of Judaism were to take hold, I may one day apply for readmission to the Jewish people."
Painfully important reading.

's Bruce's original Jewish-Goyish rap, and an updated version.

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