Friday, August 31

Madonna, hosts to descend upon Tzfat for New Year

No, not that one, silly...

Nope, not her either...

As the Hebrew saying goes,
"Can the Messiah be far behind?"

From Israel National News:
The singer, sometimes referred to as "The Material Girl" (after a song by the same name), will arrive in the city with her husband, English writer-director Guy Ritchie, and their three children, prior to the start of the holiday. They will be accompanied by several friends, including acting couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, as well as top designer Donna Karan. Also arriving with Madonna will be some 3,000 students of the Los Angeles-based Kabalah Center.
This is where they're going. Holy, mystical, sedate, tranquil, picturesque, poor, tiny Tzfat, nestled in the soft, wooded hills of the upper Galilee.

God help them...

UPDATE: Soccer Dad brings the hysterical (and geez', but do I live for good parody) with this take on Madonna's wistful look back on her coming observance:
In her younger days she rose to fame by wearing her underwear prominently on stage; nowadays she stays modestly covered in an ankle length slit skirt and low cut but long sleeved blouse. Rebbetzin Esther Ritchie used to be known as Madonna.

In the 80's she was an extremely popular singer breaking taboos right and left. Now she works, supporting her husband Rabbi Akiva Ritchie as he learns in a Kollel in Bnei Brak.

It might be difficult but as Rebbetzin Ritchie puts it, "Boruch Hashem with the royalties from the sale of my book 'Sex' and my somewhat scaled back touring schedule we're able to make ends meet."

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