Wednesday, August 1

Harry Potter: "Damn. They're on to us. Oy vey."

Harry: "Damn. They're on to us. Oy vey."

Not too sure which is the better satire: the original article, or this rippingly good riposte. And to think: we almost had the Darfur plot sewn up...
In another brilliant example of investigative journalism, the Iranian newspaper, Kayhan, affiliated with the nation's top religious authority, discovered this week that the Harry Potter series of children's books is really a Zionist plot. The article referred to Harry Potter as a “billion-dollar Zionist project", the purpose of which was to “disrupt young minds”.

This discovery represents yet another setback for our conspiratorial efforts. Despite suggestions that J.K. Rowling (the "J" obviously standing for "Jew") being advised to avoid such titles as "Harry Potter and the Matzah Ball Soup", or "Harry Potter and the Wholesale Discount", the Iranians have once again seen through the subtext of Harry's magical world.
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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ah well, all in a day's job, you know. Conspiracy here, mayhem there, what can one say?

Dave Bender said...

True, true. BTW - did the Zionist media cabal cut you this month's check? I'm still waiting for mine, too... Damn.

Umm, can you spot me $20 until next month, when we finish taking over the (soon-to-be-Wailing) Wall Street Journal?


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