Tuesday, August 28

Clever viral Israeli coffee advert

A personal fave of Israeli commercialdom. Not new, but clever and well-produced:

The series -- there are three, and I'm trying to track down the third -- shows an iconic Israeli pilot at various international locales, apparently on layovers between flights, patiently trying to get the locals to just bring him a "small glass, hot wa-ter," to mix up a steaming, fragrant dose of "Elite" Turkish coffee.

It's a great take on cross-cultural mixups, and the need (speaking personally here) to get that "jolt 'o' java." Also, the ad taps into the Israeli (really, any nationality away from home) need to have a taste of home, while far away.

In the second episode, he's waking up in Shanghai.

In the third episode, he's dragged off to a dank, Soviet-era prison by Russian police, when they misunderstand his curt hand gesture and Israeli-accented statement, asking for sugar: "Put in," as insulting "Putin." If you find it, please send me the linky.

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