Monday, August 20

Blue Suede Jews: Elvis' 'shloshim' redux (exclusive video)

"The Elvis Inn" (Photo: Dave Bender)
(Wasn't planning on -- excuse the expression -- resurrecting this for Elvis's 30th bash, but, if the venerable Atlanta Journal-Constitution can do it, what the hey...)

Here's the original story I wrote for American Jewish Life:
"Memphis has Graceland. Vegas has impersonators. And Israel -- yes, Israel -- has the Elvis Inn, a bizarre desert Mecca for Middle East Elvis enthusiasts. It's the Holy Land, people, and the King has risen.

"Now, it's not as if I'm some kind of delusional Elvis freak here in the holy city, waving a hand-scrawled sign drawn in black magic markers, babbling on about Mideast war and peace in one breath and Elvis and aliens in the next, but, there I was: noon on Friday and traipsing through the market's bustling main open avenue doing my weekly round of pre-Sabbath shopping when I saw Elvis."

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And here's the video I produced for Infolive tv:

The Elvis Inn from Dave Bender and Vimeo.

"ahh got a hunk-a', hunk-a' burnin' s'hug, burning s'hug..." (ok - I'll shut up now...)Digg!

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