Wednesday, July 4

Israeli-American baseball bitchfest

Bradley Burston over at Haaretz - whose iconiclastic take on things I usually like and respect gets all deep-y and socio-psychological-ish about - best be sitting down for this one, kids - baseball in Israel:
"Dual loyalty, baseball, and the Israeli psyche

"For the immigrant, the majority culture is inevitably despotic."
And his windy opining gets much more tendentious - let's just make that "dopey," on a slow news day, apparently - from there... But the talkbacks at the bottom of the page? Each one a gem of logic, passion and reason, I tell 'ya. /sarc tag off

More about "kadur basis" here (and may God help us with translating this game for the local announcers...).

Here's an AP video about the first-ever game of the Israel Baseball League (be patient with the ad first):
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